J.I.D - 151 Rum

J.I.D – 151 Rum Mp3 Download

Keeping his word from earlier in the week, Dreamville rapper J.I.D decides to return to the scene today and share the lead single off his upcoming DiCaprio 2 project called “151 Rum.”

J.I.D stated the other day that Mac Miller handled most of the post-production on the album and that he was set to open on Mac’s forthcoming tour. “This project isn’t like the nevrr story or anything u heard from me b4, it isn’t my gkmc or whatever else your are expecting it to be “headass”lol its not what I expected it to be but I love it and I appreciate the journey it took me through to get me here, each song feels like a individual film to me” J.I.D said about the project. “Mac came thru and helped post produce and organize on almost every song on here, I worked on being a better writer, even outside of punchlines and shit, like I can rap all fuckn day but I like writing songs and shit too, whatever, like I really just challenged my self to becoming better, period,” he added.

Produced by by Nice Rec & Christo, take a listen to the lyrical onslaught and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Son of a God, son of a bitch
Son of a woman and man, son of a son
And then sunk in abyss, summon a plant
Please come with a strip
Cover my back, cover mad
Please come with the bliss
Look at the stash, JID like a magician
Fuck that, this some real ass shit
I paid blood for this
Taking cheese from the government
Cereal Boxes, put the bugs in it